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Once a person achieves a lot in his life, there is an overwhelming aspiration to do something important and useful for people, to help everyone in his desire to live full life, work, create, reflect, communicate, enjoy art and perfections of nature without any fear for his health and well-being of his children, relatives and friends.

Much later in his life, when telling his great-grandchildren about his life path he comes to conclusion that life was lived not in a vain. And when they ask you a question: "Why did you need it?" - only the smile will be the answer.

«... nutrition determines duration and quality of human life. The vast majority of diseases are the result of malnutrition, which causes an imbalance in the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, which, in turn, leads to a weakening of the immune system, disrupts the metabolism in the body and causes dysfunction of internal organs.»

From the report of the working committee of the
World Health Organization.
May 2012 Brussels.

Ян Вермеер. Молочница
История Мирадара


In the beginning it was the family.
Concerns about children's health and a lack of live natural dairy products in Cyprus forced us to start up a domestic production.
Later friends and their families ...
Then friends of friends and their families ...
So in March 2015 in Lımassol, Cyprus the MiraDar Company was born - a producer of live natural dairy products.
First branded dairy store was opened in August 2016.


The production workshops of MIRADAR are equipped with modern technological equipments that meet the highest world standards. But it is, nevertheless, different from the equipment of large dairies. We do not use large-scale technological mechanized lines capable of processing tons of product per hour. We also do not have automated robots stuffed with software who are able to determine the readiness of a product by averaged parameters, adjust taste and organoleptic characteristics by introducing various additives. We use the so-called localised equipment, which allows us to precisely withstand temperature conditions and to ensure high sanitary and hygienic standards.
The process of fermentation and milk clot ripening is not a mechanical or chemical process - it is a natural process of development of fine live bacteria which depends on many factors. This is a very delicate process. Control and management is akin to art. The moment must be seen and felt. Our highly qualified specialists control every stage of production from the milk acceptance to its packaging. Therefore, we are ready to guarantee our customers the highest quality product.

Производство Мирадар

"Live" and Natural dairy products of Miradar

MIRADAR company does not use antibiotics, preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, dyes, flavor enhancers and other similar kind of additives in the production of dairy products. Therefore, our products are 100% NATURAL. Following the process of milk fermentation with lactic acid bacteria our products are not pasteurized, thus they contain live Bifido and Lacto bacteria - the natural probiotics which benefit human immunity. This means our products are "live".

Сертификаты Мирадар
Продукт Мирадар


MiraDar dairy products meet all international quality standards. Production and products are licensed and certified according to European standards. MiraDar was awarded the international certificate ISO 22000, indicating the highest level of dairy products safety.


We do not produce dairy products for all. We produce them for everyone.
Our customers receive only the freshest dairy products produced the day before, exclusively for specific customer order. Our products have a limited shelf life of 4-6 days.

Unique taste

Tastes differ and we do not argue. The taste of our products is a natural milk, formed exclusively by lactic acid fine bacteria and taste just exactly as they were created by nature.

Команда Мирадар


When you have an idea, then a natural question is - who will you implement it with? Who are these people who will help to bring the idea to life? Who should they be? ... Professionals in their field who know their craft? Accurate performers who strictly follow your instructions or creative people who are ready, together with you, to develop and improve an idea?

The idea of ​​creating MIRADAR company is simple - to set up production of truly natural and "live" dairy products, healthy and tasty products that bring people benefits and help them to improve their health. To implement the idea we require workforce, substantially loyal to the concept; people who put their hearts into creating such products; people obsessed with the desire to develop and increase the business of the company. These are the people we have gathered in our team.